The eye and optic nerve are an extension of the brain, and neurological conditions can often cause problems with the eye and visual pathways in the brain. Accurate diagnosis by a highly trained neuro-ophthalmologist is required in many cases for these complex conditions.


Omni offers patients and referring doctors a full range of medical and surgical services for neuro-ophthalmic conditions. Omni physicians are available for consultations for the following types of problems and conditions:

    • Diplopia and cranial nerve palsy
    • Unexplained loss of vision
    • Optic neuritis
    • Optic neuropathy and optic atrophy
    • Proptosis
    • Visual field loss
    • Bell’s palsy
    • Papilledema

Our offices are fully equipped with the latest equipment for caring for patients with neuro-ophthalmic conditions. We also perform in-office Tensilon testing for myasthenia gravis patients. Omni physicians understand that many neuro-ophthalmic conditions are emergent and will arrange to meet your patients outside of their regularly scheduled office hours. Please call when you need their services any time.

Omni and our neuro-ophthalmic services are an extension of your primary eye care.

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